The objective of the Southeastern Chapter of the Society of Nuclear Medicine shall be to promote the discussion and communication of knowledge of nuclear phenomena as it applies to or is likely to apply to the better understanding and control of disease; and to stimulate and disseminate advances in the biological and medical applications of radioactive materials.

Marques L.Bradshaw, MD  2017


Immediate Past President
David Brandon, MD – 2017


Jon A. Baldwin, DO – 2017


Bennett S. Greenspan, MD FACNM, FACR -2018


Jaime Luis Montilla-Soler, MD -2017


Executive Director
Merle Hedland


Elected Council Members
Olga G. James, MD – 2017
Darko Pucar, MD, PhD – 2017
Pradeep Bhambhvani, MD – 2018
Chirayu Shah, MD – 2018
Nicholas Plaxton, MD – 2019
Kiran K. Solingapuram Sai, PhD – 2019