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Following introductions and administrative business, the following reports were presented:

Leadership Academy

  • Graduated ten new leaders who were presented with their certificates
    • SEC was well represented with two technologists and one student
  • Many have already migrated into leadership roles
  • Leadership Academy has received several awards since it’s inception

Speaker of the House – Cybil Nelson

  • A new 5 year-strategic plan has been created and rolled out
  • Review courses have been developed and are now available including one in CT
  • SNMMI-TS is collaborating with the ASRT and ARRT on issues involving state regulations and creating refresher courses
  • We have seen an increase in free student memberships
  • Cybil reiterated what the NCOR is to our profession and the responsibilities the group has to our members

Committee Reports

Finance – Tony Knight

  • 2017 ended in a deficit of $167k due to a decrease in membership and meeting attendance, and over expenditure of travel and meeting line items
  • However, the capital fund is doing very well (102% return) and reserves remain steady
  • 2018 is operating in the black but we must do well at the annual meting in Philadelphia

Nominating – Sarah Johnson

  • Full slate for 2018/2019 executive board

Membership – Leesa Ross

  • Three new SNMMI-TS Fellow applications were approved
  • Extended discussion ensued regarding the downward trend in membership with a focus on student involvement and continuation post graduation.
  • Several ideas were presented as ways to attract this new generation of technologists as well as reasons why they are not interested.
  • Of note: students can download 2 free mini-books during their free student membership

Advocacy – Lynne Roy

  • Four states currently have bills in legislature seeking licensure including North Caroline and Alabama in our chapter
  • Developing a plan to help technologists better understand coding and reimbursement and having us recognized nationally as professionals
  • Scope of Practice Ad Hoc committee is developing the “Model Practice Act”, a template for states seeking licensure.
  • SNMMI is working with government agencies and other facilities to hasten the production of domestic 99Mo production

Quality – April Mann

  • “Quality Education and Awareness Campaign” is being developed and rolled out. Weekly QC cases demonstrating acquisition and technical issues will link back to educational modules with quality outcomes. Certificate of completion and CE will be awarded when modules are completed. Program is open to members and non-members.
  • Committee is looking for 26 new cases demonstrating quality issues in acquisition and technical factors. Please send anonymized cases to April Mann.

Program – Ellie Mantel

  • SNMMI Annual Meeting dates
    • 2018 – Philadelphia, PA
    • 2019 – Anaheim, CA
    • 2020 – New Orleans
    • 2021 – Washington, DC
    • 2022 – Vancouver, BC
    • 2023 – (Chicago, IL has been suggested)
    • 2024 – Toronto, Canada
    • 2025 – (San Diego, CA & Boston, MA were submitted)

Discussion and New Business Items

  • Addition of MRI to nuclear medicine curriculum was discussed at length. No conclusion was reached.
  • Job Market and NMT program closures: following the closure of numerous programs, geographical areas are starting to see more job openings with fewer applications.
  • The NMAA program is no longer being offered by any educational facility
  • JNMT will begin beta testing their new “Twitter Journal Club” on Feb. 20, 2018. Anyone interested in helping out should contact Kathy Thomas, the JNMT editor for details.
  • The 5th Edition of Steve’s Review book is now available through the SNMMI website.