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Submitted by Leesa A. Ross, MA, CNMT, PET, RT(N)(CT), Chair, SEC-TS Nominating Committee        

Giving back to the profession and taking an active role in promoting nuclear medicine should be everyone’s responsibility and desire.  It shows a commitment to quality in all that one does as a professional–an aspiration to do the most one can to promote the field and oneself.  Serving as an officer is a chance to grow personally and professionally, in order to develop skills, gain unique experiences and make lasting connections with a group of other passionate and motivated professionals.  Use this opportunity to display a passion for the field!  Do not feel overwhelmed, past officers will be glad to assist and mentor the new officers in their new roles.  The call for nominations for this year include candidates for President-elect, Treasurer, and Finance Committee.  The duties are as follows:


The President-Elect shall familiarize himself/herself with all activities of the Chapter Section and shall make preparations necessary for his/her evaluation to the office of President.  He/She further functions as the primary delegate of the President in selected matters of the Chapter Section.  In the temporary or permanent absence of the President, he/she shall assume the duties of President.  In compliance with the requirements of the Chapter’s Bylaws, the Chapter Section designates that the President-Elect shall be appointed a member of the Chapter’s Committee on Technologists’ Affairs and shall serve the length of term as specified by the Chapter/s Bylaws.

The President-Elect shall prepare a list of nominees of all appointed offices for consideration by the Council at the annual meeting at which he/she will assume office of President.


The Treasurer shall receive and dispense funds under the authorization and direction of the Chapter Section Council, and President; shall keep the books and accounts of the Chapter Section in conjunction with the Administrative Director of the Chapter; shall submit quarterly reports to the President; and shall submit a written report to the membership and the Chapter Section Council at the annual business meeting.  The Treasurer holds office for a two-year term staggered with the Secretary and may serve a second two-year term but never exceeding four (4) successive years.  At the end of his/her term of office, the Treasurer shall send all records to his/her successor within two weeks of the annual meeting.

Finance Committee:

Finance Committee – The Finance Committee is made of three members of the Section elected by the membership at large for a three-year term. The terms are staggered to elect a new Committee member each year.  The member in his or her last year will serve as the Chairperson without a vote.  The Treasure is an ex-officio member of the finance committee

The Charges of the Committee are

  1. Make recommendations to the Chapter Section Council on fiscal policies and expenditures.
  1. Create an annual budget.
  2. Present the annual budget to the Chapter Section Council for approval.

To achieve these charges the Finance Committee should obtain a copy of the previous year’s budget report early in the term. Confer with the committee members, Treasurer, Executive Director, and the President to gather information necessary to prepare the new budget. The Chairperson will present the budget to the Chapter Section Council for approval at the Annual Meeting